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Our stylish, multi-functional spot is the perfect place to enjoy a bite or take one to go. It’s one part farmer’s market, one part gift shop and 100% inviting. This oasis of freshness is bursting 24/7 with locally-sourced food and drinks that provide a refreshing escape from the ordinary.

Open 24/7

Yup, we’re open all day, every day, allowing for all the time in the world for a midday snack, midnight craving or hot meal delivered to your room.

Locally Sourced

We’re proud to support our local brands, giving you a true taste and feel of Southern California’s absolute best.

Curated Collection

Fill up your bag with local goodies and gifts, a bottle from our wine wall or even the latest issue of your favorite magazine.



Maw ‘N Paw received a local need for a unique kind of popcorn, and decided upon making and selling original kettle-style popcorn.



An artisan salt company with a true passion for producing unique flavors. They were discovered through tireless experimentations with the best national ingredients and whole mineral sea salts from around the world.



Rich, refined three-ounce bars are created with award-winning, European chocolate fused with a proprietary blend of natural flavors and spices.


Fresh Never Expires

We’re only as good as the goods and services we provide, so we’ve searched high and low to bring you the very best products that we have to offer.